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Pushmatic Bulldog Breakers

Pushmatic Bulldog Breakers

Pushmatic/Bulldog circuit breakers and electrical panels were distributed around the United States, dating from the 1950s. These circuit breakers use a thermal breaker design with no magnetic trip mechanism, which may cause them to not work properly in the event of an overload or short circuit. The breakers were also designed poorly so that they are hard to operate or reset. Another fault is that the breakers have a faulty indicator flag to show that the circuit is on or off. This is a very significant shock hazard.

These problems are ones seen only in older equipment. Modern breakers are more efficient and increase the likelihood of proper function, making shock hazards decrease dramatically.

Our Warning:

  • There are some Pushmatic/Bulldog circuit breakers that fail to trip.
  • The brand circuit breakers are difficult to use.
  • The brand does not use modern safety mechanisms.
  • There is a high risk of fire, and so customers should be sure their home is properly protected by smoke alarms.
  • Customers should take advantage of panel upgrades or remodeling opportunities to get rid of these hazards