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Polarized Plugs

Polarized Plugs

A polarized plug can be found at the end of an appliance’s electrical cord. For safety reasons, the polarized plug has one blade wider than the other and the polarized plug can only be inserted one way into the electrical outlet.

Polarized plugs work as a safety mechanism to prevent electrical shock if you touch an energized part of the appliance. They come in two forms: plugs with two prongs of different sizes and plugs with two flat prongs and a third circular prong underneath.

All electrical products sold in the US or Canada must meet electrical certification guidelines before they can be marketed. These certified products must have a polarized plug to reduce the hazard of electrical shock. The polarized plug has another safety feature, a ground prong, making it a three-prong plug.

Electrical cords and polarized plugs should be checked occasionally for any signs of deterioration. If such is detected, discontinue use until you have a licensed electrician look at it. Never try to force the plug into an outlet and avoid bending the prongs.